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Egyptian Bingo

Category: Humanities

Grade Level(s): K

Students will be able to recognize numbers within the Egyptian number system.


Set Induction / Anticipatory Set:
The Egyptians developed a numerical system that replaced the tally system of one mark for each counting number. Have students turn to page 65 in the Ancient Egyptian SAILS book.

Instruction / Teaching to the Objective:
Model for students the first four numbers on page 66 of their Ancient Egyptian books. Work with the class to complete the page. Continue working with the class on pages 67 - 68. Explain that you are going to play Bingo on some very different Bingo cards. For younger children, you may wish to prepare these ahead of the lesson. For older students, creating their own cards is excellent practice. Cards can be titled EGYPT instead of BINGO. Students should create a 5 x 5 grid. The center space or free space may be titled according to study. Example: the Sphinx, pyramids, etc. List 35 Egyptian numerals on a white board or overhead. Have students randomly place numbers on their card. Begin by calling out numbers and having students mark their cards accordingly. Have students reply by telling the class the Egyptian symbols for that number. Winners my receive the chance to become King Tut or Queen Cleopatra and call the next game.

Guided Practice:
Create Bingo (Egyptian) cards with the students. Students should create a 5 by 5 grid. There is one free space in the center. Have students name this space The Sphinx, The Pyramids, etc. Place 35 Egyptian numerals on the board. Have students choose 24 of these for their cards. Cards will not have the same numbers or same order. Have students tell you what the Egyptian numerals on the white board or overhead are before beginning to play.

Independent Practice:
Play Bingo (Egypt). Have students tell the symbols for the numbers that you call out. On the back of the Egypt card, have students write their age or the year they were born in Egyptian numerals.

Winners should call out their numbers and tell the symbols. Review the rules.

For your evaluation, students should have a completed Egyptian card(s) and a list of numerals. Also, students will be able to list the date or their age using the Egyptian number system.

The SAILS Curriculum - Ancient Egypt (pgs. 66-68), pencils, cardstock, and beans or tokens to cover Bingo cards

Notes to teachers:
This lesson can be taught at any level (beginner to advanced) by choosing simple or complex numbers.

Created by: Jana R. Ecrette - 5th/6th grade teacher - University School at University of Tulsa - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lesson Plan: LP0306

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